May 2015

Adding the right candidates to a grooming business' staff is critical to success.

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  Andis expanded its line of ProClip UltraEdge Super 2-Speed detachable blade clippers with a new vibrant orange Blaze color.Designed for heavy-duty professional use, the ProClip UltraEdge Super 2-Speed comes  with a size 10 UltraEdge blade for all-purpose grooming. Engineered to maintain the power required for tough grooming jobs, the clipper stays cool, eliminating the need for fans and air vents—which can become clogged with hair.

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Professional groomers Kristie Kingsland and Emily Rupe are joining forces to launch a new grooming trade show: Mardi Paws Pet Expo (  The two-day expo and trade show will kick off on May 30, at The Doubletree by Hilton New Orleans Airport. It will feature a lineup of seminars and special certification courses. Speakers will include industry experts Pam Lauritzen, Scott Wasserman, Vero Da Sylva, Dawn Omboy and Danelle German.

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Splash and Dash for Dogs ( has expanded its Pet Groomerie and Boutique franchise with over 14 new franchisees since its initial launch in June 2014.

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GroomTeam USA, Inc. is accepting applications for the Lonnie Lange Memorial Scholarship Fund. The program includes two levels of awards:  Level 1 will provide two recipients with $1,000 that may be used toward college education in any field and will be paid directly to the school. Applicants must be the child, stepchild or grandchild of a professional groomer.Level 2 is open all applicants and will provide one recipient with a full scholarship to their choice of one of a selected, participating group of nationally acclaimed grooming schools. GroomTeam USA, Inc.

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Michell Evans was named Andis Groomer of the Year during Purina Pro Plan’s 60th Annual Showdogs of the Year Awards dinner held February 14 at Gotham Hall in New York City, prior to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.As the Groomer of the Year, Evans and a companion received an all-expenses paid trip to New York City to accept the award. “I’m honored and excited to be recognized by Andis for the Groomer of the Year Award,” said Evans.

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 The Rock Your Fur dog grooming product line from Fetch...for pets! ( was developed in a licensing partnership with Rock Your Hair by celebrity hairstylist Michael O’Rourke. The line includes shampoos, conditioner, sprays and wipes.'“The debut of Rock Your Fur adds a salon brand pet grooming line to our portfolio,” said Steven Shweky, president at Fetch...for pets!.

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 Earthbath ( has introduced 2.5 gallon bottles of its concentrated shampoos and conditioner. The larger sizes offer groomers an economical way to use earthbath products in their salon.

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 Newly rebranded as The Big Apple Show, Intergroom—an annual international grooming conference—has changed the date and venue of this year’s show. It will be held Friday, June 5, through Monday, June 8, and is returning to the Garden State Convention Center in Somerset, N.J. The Double Tree Hotel will be the host hotel.Joey Villani, who acquired half ownership of the show said, “I’ve been a part of Intergroom for 27 years, and I consider it an honor to be a part of its great history.

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Celebrity dog groomer Jorge Bendersky has launched his own line of high-quality pet grooming products—Jorge Bendersky by M Boutique. The line of natural products launched in October at, an online shop specializing in earth-friendly spa products for the home. The products use organic essential oils and do not contain any engineered fragrances.

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SynergyLabs ( has reformulated its Groomer’s Blend products for dogs and cats. The line’s nine reformulated options include 100-percent natural dog and cat grooming products that contain no parabens or soap. The line includes: Puppy Fresh, Pure & Simple, Ultra White Shampoo, Oatmeal Protein Shampoo and Oatmeal Protein Conditioner, Herbal Extract Shampoo, Flea & Tick Shampoo, Deodorizing Shampoo and 3 in 1 Shampoo. They are available in 18.4-oz.

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 The mobile pet grooming business is flourishing these days, as groomers increasingly recognize the advantages of taking their trade on the road. By going mobile, many find that they are able to leave behind the many hardships that come with running a brick-and mortar-salon. For example, finding the right real estate becomes a non-issue.

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Grooming Business: What attracted you to creative grooming? What attracted you to competing in this area?  Lori Craig: I had been grooming for several years and always dabbled in my shave downs, making patterns and Mohawks, but it was when I saw Angela Kumpe’s dragon [design] at my first grooming show that I knew this is what I wanted to do. So, I came back to Oklahoma and acquired my first Standard Poodle, Falcor. He was blue within a few weeks.  The attraction of creative grooming for me is getting to express my art in what I do everyday cutting hair.

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There is nothing better for a pet grooming salon owner than having happy customers with happy pets walk out the front door grinning and proud to show off their groomer’s handiwork. Nothing, that is, except perhaps having them walk back in for their next appointment.  No matter how good a grooming salon is or how well liked its groomers are, once a customer walks out the door, there is no guarantee that he or she will be back. Any number of circumstances can conspire to keep a pet owner from returning—a move out of the area, the loss of a job or even the loss of the pet.

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 For the past year, the economy has continued to be the beast that keeps many a grooming salon owner up at night.

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For many business owners, the end of year often ushers in a time of reflection and self-assessment. It’s a time to take stock and evaluate which business practices, products or services proved profitable and which didn’t. It is also time to look ahead and make plans and projections for the upcoming year.

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The Science of Skin
October 16, 2014

When groomers are bathing, they must consider the fact that the skin is the largest organ on the dog’s body. They must also remind themselves that they are the caretakers of this organ. Groomers have contact with the skin of a pet more than even a veterinarian does, in most cases. Being the keeper of a dog’s skin is an important job. The skin is the front line of the dog’s defense system, and often, it  displays the first indicator when something is not functioning well internally.

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Cat Bathing Made Easier
October 2, 2014

Some groomers may say that because cats do not enjoy water, they are difficult to bathe. However, that is not the case with many cats. It is not the water they dislike; it is the sounds, smells and sights in their environment that put cats on edge. Cats are reactive to their surroundings, so groomers have to be proactive in making them feel secure, not defensive. Cats like to feel in control at all times, and if placed in a tub that smells like dog, they can become stressed, anxious and more likely to act out.

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Humane Cat Handling
September 18, 2014

There may be no better time for professional groomers to remember the old adage about grooming smarter, not harder, than when working with feline clients in the salon. Cats, by nature, react to their environment. So, if the environment in the grooming salon is cat friendly, the use of restraints can and should be reduced drastically. However, due to most pet salons’ hectic and often chaotic environment, keeping a cat calm can be quite challenging.

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Handle with Care
September 4, 2014

In an ideal world, all dogs would enjoy being groomed. They would stand immobile like statues for as long as we wished, and turn around on the table or in the tub on a simple verbal request—“Come on, Fluffy, turn around so I can get the other side.” We would ask, “Paw, please,” and they would lift each foot in turn to have nails trimmed or dremeled. And they’d politely close their eyes and hold still to have their heads soaped and rinsed, or dried.

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  For the past couple of days, the topic de jour at many water coolers has been the dramatic weight loss achieved by the winner of the NBC TV show The Biggest Loser. Here at Pet Business Media, however, we’ve been awaiting the results of a very different weight loss program: the Pet Shape Up Challenge, a Dog and Cat Weight Loss Program.  Fetch!

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Events Calendar

May 30 2015-May 31 2015

Mardi Paws Pet Expo

Doubletree by Hilton New Orleans Airport

Kenner, La.


Jun 5 2015-Jun 8 2015


Garden State Convention Center

Somerset, N.J.

(781) 326-3376

Jun 25 2015-Jun 28 2015


Roberts Conference Centre

Wilmington, Ohio

(717) 691-3388

Jul 21 2015-Jul 23 2015


Mandalay Bay Convention Center

Las Vegas, Nev.

(800) 999-7295

Aug 6 2015-Aug 9 2015

All American Grooming Show

The Westin Chicago North

Wheeling, Ill.

(717) 691-3388

Sep 17 2015-Sep 20 2015

Groom Expo

Hershey Lodge and Convention Center

Hershey, Pa.

(717) 691-3388

Sep 19 2015-Sep 20 2015

The Long Island Pet Expo in the Park

Tanner Park

Copiague, N.Y.

(800) 677-4677

Oct 2 2015-Oct 4 2015

The New England Grooming Show

Sturbridge, Mass.

(717) 691-3388

Nov 7 2015-Nov 8 2015

New Jersey Family Pet Expo

Garden State Exposition Center

Somerset, N.J.

(631) 423-0620


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New Products

  • Bio-Groom Protein Lanolin Shampoo
    BioDerm Laboratories

    Bio-Groom’s Protein Lanolin Shampoo  was created with a naturally thin fluidity and a high 5:1 level of concentration. It is made of natural ingredients to deeply clean, richly moisturize and provide shine. It doesn’t contain fillers, gums...

  • New Colors for MiracleCare QuickFinder Nail Clippers

    MiracleCorp has added new colors to its MiracleCare QuickFinder nail clippers line. The additions include vibrant blue, purple and green clippers. Featuring QuickSensor technology and a convenient on/off switch, the electronic clippers give...

  • New Andis Shears

    Andis has introduced five grooming shears with ergonomic, offset handles to complete a professional pet groomer’s cutting and trimming needs. The professional-grade shears are forged from top-quality Japanese stainless steel for durability,...

  • Groomer Solutions Crystal Kits
    Bow Wow Bling

    The Rainbow, Tattoo, Expressions and Ultimate Groomer Solutions Crystal Kits, from Bow Wow Bling, are perfect for special occasion service offerings in grooming salons. Each kit includes the company’s latex-free, non-toxic Bling it On! glue, a...

  • Ark Naturals Don’t Worry Don’t Rinse Me! Shampoo
    Ark Naturals

    Ark Naturals has introduced Don’t Worry Don’t Rinse Me! Shampoo, an easy-to-use waterless shampoo. It can be applied directly onto a pet’s coat and massaged gently. It dries on its own and does not need to be brushed or towel dried. The...

  • Pet Society Active Argan Complex
    Pet Society

    Pet Society Flash 90 Thermo Active Argan Complex and Spray Thermo Active Argan Complex, condition and protect pets’ skin and coat. Distributed in the U.S. by MGB West Coast Distributors, Flash 90 hydrates skin in 90 seconds, forming a film on...

  • PetPaint PRO

    The PetPaint PRO line of color hairspray and stencils allows groomers to paint dogs with longer-lasting, brighter paint with a more professional finish. It includes a 5-oz. bright-color spray to give designs a vibrant pop of color. The set also...

  • Dry Skin & Coat Kit
    Espree Animal Products

    Dry Skin & Coat Kit, from Espree Animal Products, contains four of the company’s best coat renewal formulas: Hot Oil Treatment, Milk & Honey Shampoo, Honey & Oat Conditioner and Paw Balm. The natural solutions work to restore,...

  • Lavender and Neem Calming Wash & Rinse
    Ziggy’s Pet Products

    Ziggy’s Pet Products added Lavender and Neem Calming Wash, and Lavender and Neem Conditioning Rinse to its product line. The Calming Wash provides gentle cleansing with the conditioning properties. The Conditioning Rinse provides effective...

  • earthbath Wipes

    earthbath has added Tooth & Gum Wipes and Facial Wipes to its line up of all natural pet grooming products. The new Tooth & Gum Wipes are pre-moistened towelettes that provide pet owners with an easy, effective and natural way to keep...